Cassie Burton is a teenage female educator for BrainPOP. Her best friend is Rita, and they guest star or are mentioned in some BrainPOP videos, as well as appear in the FYI section.

AppearancesEdit ◾Amelia Earhart ◾Arizona ◾Australia ◾Basketball ◾Bicycle Safety (as an example of wearing a safety vest) ◾Burns ◾Cell Phone ◾Comic Books (as Poison Ivy) ◾Dialogue ◾Division ◾Fred Rogers (as Queen Sara Saturday) ◾Getting Help ◾Hawaii ◾Hyphens and Dashes ◾Kentucky ◾Middle East ◾Minnesota ◾Money ◾Naoko Takeuchi (as Sailor Jupiter) ◾Oprah Winfrey ◾Period ◾The Pointer Sisters ◾Printers (appears on a printed picture only) ◾Relativity ◾Solstice and Equinox ◾Stocks and Shares ◾Sun Protection ◾Terraforming (as Starfleet engineering officer) ◾Underwater World ◾Voting ◾Winter Holidays


Brainpop 1

Voting - Rita, Tim, Moby, Cassie

Rita, Tim, Moby, and Cassie in Voting.

Tim, Cassie, and Moby (basketball)

Tim, Cassie, and Moby in Basketball.

Cassie Bicycle Safety

Cassie is shown as an example of wearing a safety vest in Bicycle Safety