Moby is an orange robot that helps Tim, his best friend, answer important questions in BrainPOP episodes as well as Cassie and Rita.


Being a robot, he has many features built into him. They include: ◾A built-in time machine in his wrist. ◾A laser and salt shaker in his finger. ◾A freeze ray in his hand.[2] ◾A heat ray in his hand.[3] ◾A machine in his chest for testing the DNA of hair strands*. ◾A very powerful electromagnet in his chest. [4] ◾Extendable arms.[5] ◾Roller skating wheels in his feet, as seen in a BrainPOP ESL episode.

He also has the bizarre ability to sweat and a large variety of human-like feelings.

He has a much larger variety of feelings and facial expressions in BrainPOP ESL.

It is shown that Moby, even though a robot, has human body parts.

Not only does he work with Tim, but he is also friends with a lot of other humans. Some are Ben (BrainPOP ESL) and Annie (BrainPOP Jr).

  • This machine, even though it looks complex, says "Tim" every time a strand of hair is tested.


76284 moby exercise-irononrev

Moby, iron on.


First National Bank of Moby

Tim, Cassie, and Moby (basketball)

Tim, Cassie, and Moby in Basketball.