Rita is a teenage girl who appears in the FYI section (also making cameos in a few episodes) of BrainPOP. She tends to be more intelligent and mature than Cassie, who also is her best friend. Rita is the future wife of Tim, another of her friends, in some episodes.

It appears she is a vegetarian, as seen in the FYI comic of the episode Thanksgiving. She is seen waving a bell, dressed as a turkey, and standing beside a stand that says "Turkey's have feelings too!" and another that says "Just say NO to turkey!", while Cassie is walking by, carrying a turkey, and calling Rita a "killjoy".

In the episode Adulthood, an older Tim is seen with an older Rita, apparently married, with at least two children and one appears in BrainPOP Jr.

In the episode Body Scans, Rita has a cat.

AppearancesEdit ◾Adulthood ◾Amelia Earhart ◾Basketball ◾Body Scans (mentioned only) ◾Burns ◾Capitalization (cameo, as a proper noun) ◾Cell Phone ◾Cleopatra (as Cleopatra) ◾Cloud Computing ◾Comic Books (as Wonder Woman) ◾Dialogue ◾Division ◾Dreams (mentioned only) ◾Fred Rogers (as Henrietta Pussycat) ◾Getting Help ◾Hawaii ◾Imagination ◾Japan ◾Kentucky ◾Middle East ◾Minnesota ◾Money ◾Motherhood ◾Naoko Takeuchi (as Sailor Moon) ◾Oprah Winfrey ◾Period ◾The Pointer Sisters ◾Precision and Accuracy ◾Printers (appears on a printed picture only) ◾Relativity ◾Seed Plants (mentioned only) ◾Sleep ◾Social Networking ◾Solstice and Equinox ◾Stocks and Shares ◾Terraforming (as Starfleet tactical officer) ◾Underwater World ◾Voting ◾Winter Holidays


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Future Tim and Cassie

Tim and Rita's children, as seen in Adulthood.

Voting - Rita, Tim, Moby, Cassie

Rita, Tim, Moby and Cassie in Voting.

Rita (basketball)

Rita in Basketball.

Rita as Cleopatra

Rita as Cleopatra in Cleopatra.

Rita, Moby, and Tim

Rita, Moby, and Tim in Motherhood.